In the past, tachonis lived in forts, which they called Olukoba. It had many huts in it with different people from the ordinary mani to the ruler. outside the fort was wide drench that prevented the enemies from attacking. They will fall into the drench if they attempted to attack the fort. Men used to do jobs such as taking care of animals, hunting, smelting iron and many other manlike jobs. They also took part in teaching the young men about their customs.

Women on the other hand used to do jobs such ascooking for the family members, planting cereals and vegetable in gardens, milking animals, fetching water  from the streams, and teaching the young women on how to peacefully live with a husband. They will also do any other thing that is requred of from a woman.

There was a tree in the called Omutoto which served the purpose of a shrine. They called the place under that tree mumisambwa which can loosely be translated as where the spirits lived. Therefore, they worshiped under this tree.

  1. History
  2. Community leaders, formal and informal.
  3. Existing groups.
  4. Economics
  5. Government/Politics
  6. Social structure
  7. Attitudes and values
  8. Farming
  9. Foods
  10. Circumscision
  11. Marriage
  12. Burial Ceremonies
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